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That was what my teacher have told me. You see, a teacher that teaching in English could said that kind of statements. Hahahaha! Actually, she said that not for the wrong ways but the way we pronounce some of the words that make us confuse to say it. Let me give you some example : bus - bush loose - lost goose - geese Like bus (bas), just adding an alphabet behind it and the sound is totally change! For loose and goose, the ryhme is the same one but after we change it to past tense and more than one goose, it's different! Well, I'm in the middle of lessons right now. So sorry for the grammatical mistakes. I want to make the simple sentences first before I proceed to complex sentences. Yeah, yeah. I know. A kindergarden kid can do much better than that. Heheheh. It's ok. Maybe this is the time; the time for me to take seriously in learning English language. Oh my! I feel like that I have to adjust my sentence so many times! Please correct my mistake if I do have it.