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ASSALAMUALAIKUM First of all, please forgive me for everything that I had done. May be I just not realize that I'm hurting someone's feeling. I don't know about what. May be I just did it. I'm sorry again. I really mean it. :) Nowadays, I'm keeping on 'staring' the humankind's behaviours. I'm 'staring' with mine too. Yeah. I'm a jerk. Totally a loser.  I admit it. To be honest,  I don't know what to do else. I really don't even know what I'm doing right now. Not have a clue. I know that people always do mistakes. With or without they realize it. Same goes with me too. But, what should I do? That question keep appearing in my mind. I don't know yours but I'm pretty sure that you all have that kind of problem too. Sometimes, I guess. Am I right? ;P Actually, I'm so embrace with myself. Feel so useless. Yeah. It's the same crap that I keep talking about. USELESS. I want to throw away that thought! It really do


---------------------------------------- YF : I won't if I don't want too.