For this entry, I would like to publish it in English. Can I? Of course, I can. Hahahaha! But first of all, please pardon my English. I can guarantee that you will find so many grammatical errors. So, bear with me till the end of this entry will ya? And yeah, I hope you guys can understand what I'm trying to say, or explain, or whateverlah. :p

On my last 3 entries, I told you guys that I went to Nuang Mountain. So, I'm so eager to go there, again. Then, I planned to go to Nuang for the next trip which was last Sunday. Unfortunately, with my 'health' condition, I couldn't go there. So sad of me, aye?

And as for today (Monday), so many posts (with pictures) from hikers in Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia (HACAM) group on Facebook, shared their achievement on that group, how happy they were because they succeeded to reach the peak, or at least they went to hike even couldn't reach the peak.

I was like

"OMG! I'm so jealous!"

Hahahahaha! That's over YF. Totally. But it's okay. If I stick with the plan, all I can give to my hiker friends was 'nightmare' because of my condition. So, thanks but no thanks. I would rather stay at home and face the consequences, alone. T.T

For Muslim, Ramadhan is just around the corner. For sure, the hikers would like to go hiking before they have to fast on Ramadhan. I don't say that in Ramadhan we can't go hiking, but all that kind of activities will be less than usual, to pay more attention and do more ibadah in that month.

By the end of this month, I have another plan for hiking. I'm CRAVING FOR IT! Seriously I AM! I'm not craving for food, but for hiking. To smell the wind in the forest, to taste the water from the river, to gather with the hikers. Can you feel my craving? Please say yes! Oh! No? Okay.

Whatever it is, I pray that my plan for next trip will be fulfilled, insyaAllah. At least, before Ramadhan, I have to hike. I have to. I have to. Enough YF. That's enough.

*Pictures/memes credit to Mr. Google

YF: Hello Perak!


Unknown said…
Well done YF!
I dong understeng sepatah harang... hahahaha
Yulia Fajrin said…
@ShiqeenSattar: Hahahahha! So gedik kan??? XD
Farhana Jafri said…
i've been there last feb this year and it was sooooooo hmmm idk how to describe the feels since i dont like hiking. hahaha good luck to you darling!
Yulia Fajrin said…
@FarhanaJafri: Hahahahah! I feel you sis. But it's okay. at least, you had the experience to hike. Good job! And thanks wishing me luck. hahahah! :P

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